Texas Honey - LP

  • Texas Honey - LP

Texas Honey - LP

There's something about Texas. Open up the history books and you'll find the Lone Star State at the eye of every rock 'n' roll storm. Pull up a stool in any bar-room and you'll still hear Southern gentlemen spin stories of ZZ Top, Johnny winter and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Now tip a ten-gallon hat to the bandleader writing her own name onto the state's famed back pages, as Ally Venable releases breakout third album, - Texas Honey -

Texas Honey Vinyl (2019)

1. Nowhere To Hide (2:55)
2. Broken (3:32)
3. Texas Honey (2:26)
4. Blind To Bad Love 3:39)
5. Come and Take It (Feat. Eric Gales) (4:48)
6. Love Struck Baby (2:30)
7. One Sided Misunderstanding (Feat. Mike Zito) (3:58)
8. White Flag (2:47)
9. Long Way Home (3:16)
10. Running After You (3:55)
11. Careless Love (3:57)

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